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A prolific and tireless innovator of art forms, CAPABLANCO creates porn art with an irreverent wit and an sensual reputation that precedes his negative identity. CAPABLANCO creates works that aim to disrupt commonly accepted moral codes, principles and social norms. Employing a wide range of references—from art history to pornography, taboos and pop culture.

CAPABLANCO questions the value of aesthetics and thumbs his nose at the concept of desire, phantasm and primitive impulses. CAPABLANCO placed unprecedented focus on the artistic concept as paramount over craftsmanship or aesthetics.

Laden with complex socio-political references to sexual identity or religious stereotypes, his work is challenging, confrontational, and, at the same time, humorous.

WORLD WILD WEB–based anti-artist CAPABLANCO has crafted a signature, immediately identifiable graphic style—and a recurring cast of boobs, sexual references, and dildos.. a lot of dildos through which he critically examines contemporary issues of hyper sexualization, spiritual concepts, mental constructivism, and the status of identity.


CAPABLANCO also known as The Black Angel, Juicifer, and Death Eagle for the intimates provokes people and don’t care at all about what other people’s opinions. Being highly charismatic who moves fearlessly forward to live by his own rules, DÉBAUCHERIE.

Considered street-smart, CAPABLANCO is IN-YOUR-FACE with an over-the-top aesthetic. The goal breaking barriers that restrict the human spirit by confidently creating profane, offensive and outrageous piece of art that others have but no chance to confront societal negativity.

CAPABLANCO do not seeks approval from anyone in his anti-artistic endeavour he disrupt the current social consciouness away from materialistic designs to focus on internal, spiritual and emotional detox to born anew, work of a true Master.

With visions of sparkly excess, full metal jacket on flashy, naughty, and unabashedly trashy CAPABLANCO do not care if he’s not for everybody, in fact he creates for one per cent of the people, selling gauchely conceived art, accessories, and clothing to the nouveau riche.



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